Web Design

Web Design

When is comes to web design, there’s more to think about than just shapes and colors.  A good design should focus on content and the message you want to send.  The layout of your content on the screen combined with the right color combination can not only set the mood of your page, it can engage the visitor.

Colors can stimulate our senses, set the mood of a page and help to get a message across.  Cool colors like blue and green can set your visitors at ease and work well to represent anything organic and natural.  They also work well to send the message of success or financial stability.

Warm colors like red and orange can evoke emotion and work well for sites with a strong call to action.  Event websites or charitable organizations could benefit from using warm colors.

Developing strong branding with a custom logo can help your customers recognize your business at a glance.  Metaphors can be used in logo design to associate your goods or services with common objects.

Web design can improve your search engine indexing.  Proper arrangement of content will let the search engines know what information is the highest priority and give you a better ranking in the search engine results page.