How Foursquare can help get customers to your restaurant or business

foursquareFoursquare is a popular social site that allows people to share their dining and shopping experiences with their friends. Foursquare is incentive-based, allowing businesses to offer special deals when customers “check-in”. So, how can this help you get more customers?

Foursquare is about sharing

When a person “checks in” to a business on Foursquare, all of that person’s friends can see that they are dining or shopping at that location. The customer can also write a small recommendation (or tip) so their friends will know what they should try.

Imagine if every customer who visited your restaurant called all of the friends they have in their phone contacts and said, “You have to try the food here”? You would probably not have to advertise ever again. That’s the power of Foursquare.

Why would a customer want to “Check in”

For a lot of reasons. Foursquare offers incentives to check in by allowing users to get awards for checking in frequently. Also, Foursquare users are social and like to share what they have discovered… it’s a coolness thing. But, the biggest reason is savings. Businesses offer special discounts to customers who “Check in”.  It’s the same as saying, “If you tell your friends about us, we’ll give you 10% off your order”. Or, whatever discount you’re comfortable with.

How do I get on Foursquare?

Chances are your business already has a listing on Foursquare that was submitted by a customer. Once you claim your business, you can edit your business information, hours of operation, add a menu, etc.

You’ll need to set up a personal account, find your business and click on “Claim”. There are two ways to verify that you can represent the company. Foursquare can mail you a verification pin to enter (which takes about 3 weeks) or, for a small fee, you can verify instantly over the phone.

Need some help?

We offer help getting your business listed with Foursquare as well as other social networking sites.