Can You Boost Search Ranking with https?

According to a recent article from Google, you can boost search ranking by using https. Google takes security very seriously and is slowly pushing the web to be more secure. As part of that push, Google has started to use website security as a factor in search ranking.

This means that websites that are using https will get a slight boost in their search ranking. At the moment, this will only play a small role in search ranking to give website owners a chance to switch to https. However, Google plans to give website security higher weight in future ranking algorithms.

While I believe that having a secure site is a good idea, I don’t recommend using https just to boost your SEO. Providing high-quality content is still the best way to get traffic to your site. That being said, if you’ve done everything you can to create the best possible content and want to do more, secure your site using https.

Why does Google care about https?

One big concern is privacy. While you might think that your website doesn’t need to be secure because you don’t collect any data from your visitors, Google disagrees. If you’re not using https, an attacker could monitor your web traffic on a WiFi network. The attacker could then know who visited your site, what pages they looked at and for how long. To keep your website visitors safe, you should be using encryption.

Another concern is much more obvious, protecting user information. If your site collects any information from users, that information should be encrypted before it gets sent to the server. Let’s say you have to log into your site to add new content. You type in your username and password on your computer and hit “submit”. Your username and password then gets sent over the internet to the site that you’re logging into. If you’re using https, it gets sent as a scrambled mess that only the intended website could make sense of. If you’re not using https, it gets sent just the way you typed it.

Google also published an article with tips on switching your site to https. This article should help anyone with some experience in web development to secure their site.

By offering a small boosts in search ranking to secured sites, Google is pushing the web to be a safer place.